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sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

Benjamin Fulford (March 31, 2012): Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild Henchman & Leftist Savior George Soros!.// BRICS and the new financial system.

Posted on March 27, 2012 by rockingjude

Keep in mind Vladimir Putin just paid off Rothschild debt.

Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister, wishes to build a strong Christian nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7 2008 Putin said:
— “The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church. Of course by law in our country the church is separate from the state. But in the soul and the history of our people it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.”Russia will make The United States reflect upon what they allowed Rothschild to do to their own country. So when you see protests against Vladimir now, keep in mind it is probably staged by The Rothschild’s trying to control Russia once again.

Convicted Felon George Soros
Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Financial Terrorist George Soros!!

Financial terrorist and Hungarian bank dick, Convicted Felon George Soros… Russian Intelligence has fingered Soros for using cross-collateralized compounded Swedish and Danish foreign currency derivatives for the purpose of an attack on the Russian stock market..
Soros’ use of these cross-collateralized compounded derivatives utilizing Luxembourg banks violates the terms of the ***Basil II European Union***[learn about this~jude] banking agreement.

The thing that should give pause to the Heads of State Western is like Putin did in freeing Russia from those who wanted to bring the total economic and social collapse and beat up in jail all those who have tried.

Are they influencing Lubawitschern Putin? The fact is that Putin is loyal to Russia and its people, and never allow anyone, even when he is in command in that nation, to sell out his country and into the clutches of the NWO lasciarela. For this he ordered to issue an international arrest warrant against George Soros, who has been caught red-handed as he prepared to send financial aid to what is called opposition in Russia, which recently made the streets in dozens of thousands of people telling lies and misinformation-cheating during the elections.

Now Mr. Soros has little room to continue his dirty games with the speculation that has devastated the entire global financial system, in collaboration Rothschild / Rockefeller and other jackals.

Putin’s speech, which was officially issued by the Russian authorities.
Today it is made public the following statement by the Russian Federation and its Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, has been asked for an arrest warrant against the International Terrorist Finance, the Hungarian currency-Mogul George Soros, the Russian secret services have found that Soros was using foreign currency derivatives with other Danes to start an attack against the Russian Currency Shares in the market.

It should be noted that Soros was using these derivatives with the help of Luxembourg banks, which is forbidden after the contract was made by the EU called Basel II.
Both the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and European Union have issued an Interpol “Red Notice” which is not only against the immediate arrest of Soros, but also against the Sharks on Finance, Bush, Clinton, criminal organization, Marc Rich and his firm, which is located in Switzerland, the Commodities Broker-Richfield, which is why the Russian Premier Putin has recently met the Chef of the Federal Reserve Bernanke Bermard making clear that the Russian Federation will not accept that such use is made of people like Soros and Rich to commit criminal acts of the derivatives market and Finance, which led to social destabilization across the globe.

Putin will be done and start the hunt for these criminals and their accomplices Bankers Rothschild, Rockefeller.

Turkey does not go down to the will of the West.
The turkey is not associated with the embargo that the U.S. / Israel and the EU have decided to take against Iran, has stated that the turkish government spokesman, adding that since the decision when the embargo will not be officially given by ‘ UN, Turkey will continue to import oil from Iran, since both states have agreed in the contracts they have in common, the spokesman continued his speech, stating that the EU states that have passed the Embargo you are penalized for their own to please the U.S. government without thinking that the reactions of citizens would be contrary to their decisions, this leads to moodiness and social problems (they’re seeing), Iran itself has decided to cut oil supplies to the EU immediately even if they decided that the embargo should be implemented within 6 months from the declaration.

Turkey itself has commercial contracts with Iran, which also consist of providing material for the maintenance of its nuclear plants that are used for electricity and how it is spread by the Western media who write under pressure governments US / Israeli that control them 100%, that Iran is almost ready to build its atomic and therefore always to serve their master without thinking such catastrophic consequences may ensue, to consider that the Obama administration had agreed that the Turkey remained on good terms with Iran, since when “probably” a threat by the Israeli government to influence the upcoming elections for the presidency, has persuaded him to change course.

The Israeli government made the request of the Greek government of Israeli troops to be stationed with the adjacent military airport on the island of Cyprus, makes it clear that diplomacy has no place in the ranks of the Israeli government, for them, there is only violence under the guise of a threat does not exist and with which they would like to take the absolute domination in the Middle East.

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Hi Ben,
    Recently I saw a conference by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme (teacher of political and Social Science at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) ), where explains that BRICS are creating a new international Bank and a new financial system to fight against the power of FMI and the World Bank. So my question is the following: Is this the new financial system you have been talking about? If the answer is yes, could you clarify which is the role that Japan is going to have in all this stuff and how BRICS will help to free humanity from the cabal?

Thanks in advance,

PD. As I know you have a good Spanish, I add the conference link for your review:


It is true the BRICS are working on a new financial system.
There are 134 countries supporting this plan. Another group of 54 countries (the British Commonwealth) also has a plan that is in harmony with the 134 countries. The obstacle is the governments of the United States, Germany, Japan, France and Italy and their remaining slave states. Japan's government is on the verge of announcing its support of the new financial system. The Japanese government has already signaled in principle, its support for the creation of a new international economic planning agency based in Japan and with an initial budget of $10 trillion or possibly 1000 trillion yen. This organization would carry out large scale development plans like turning the deserts green and replenishing the oceans with fish. It would not, in any way, contradict or work against any plans of existing governments, corporations or development organizations. It would work in harmony with them. The 5 nations that have controlled the previous financial system and the families that run those nations are negotiating a transition right now and hopefully some sort of mutually acceptable agreement will be reached soon.

Benjamin Fulford


Due to an embargo on ongoing negotiations, this week's Geopolitical News and Analysis will appear on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012.
Posted at 17:34

> Thank you for the fast reply, and yes, once again, time will tell. I
> understand no one has all the knowledge and answers and If they happen
> to be CIA black ops, we will call them out.
> I'm an info warrior and a light worker, fighting the corporate
> propaganda machine on a daily basis among friends and family and
> people around me.
> I have one more question. Alex Jones, he's dead right most of the
> time, but his tact turns a lot of people off; is he a shill? I've been
> a fan for years, but people often call him out as a a psy-ops, or
> co-intel pro, or just a businessman trying to make money. He speaks
> the truth, and seems sincere, but the way he does it turns off a lot
> of people, especially liberals seeking the truth. I know you may not
> know, and time mayl tell, but do you have an opinion about him. I will
> take a non-reply as no opinion, thanks!
> Writing from Bangkok Thailand, 

As far as I know, Alex Jones is sincere in his wishes to fight evil.
However, he does avoid certain issues such as the high level financial scandal going on.
Intelligence agency people have also shown me video proof that he sometimes puts actors on his show pretending to be somebody they are not.
A lot of people have asked him to put me on his show and he says he will but although they know my number, they do not call.
Also, my understanding is he is linked to the Bronfman family who run one of the big corporate media empires.
He is welcome to respond if any of this information is wrong.

Benjamin Fulford
Posted at 17:12 
I understand that after mass arrests occur there will be about 5,000 free energy patents released that have been suppressed by the dark side so that the oil industry could not be challenged.

I also understand there are trillions of barrels of proven oil reserves in Canada (Canadian oil sands / tar sands).

What will happen to the oil sands and tar sands that are in Canada once these patents are released?

My understanding is that the oil industry will be given a transition period to move into new areas of business in order to avoid social disruption and unemployment.

Benjamin Fulford
Posted at 17:11 
A link to Spanish translations of this blog:

NO creo en la Escuela Tradicional, pero SI en la Educación (Parte 01)

by educacionviva on Mar 21, 2012
Esta es la Primera Parte de un video que refiere a un debate histórico entre Escuela Hegemónica y Educación. No creemos en la Escuela Tradicional, pero si en la educación libre y las escuelas vivas.

Mantente conectado para el estreno de la Segunda Parte.

de el Mensaje

Musica: Contact - Greendjohn (CC - BY - NC - SA)

Participan por orden de aparición:
Camila, Franco, Laura, Ailin, Marcelo, Ana, German, Verónica, Yamila, Alejandro, Jessica, Christian, Cintia, Magna, Alicia, Mayra, Alejandro, Agustina, Patricia, Verónica, Rodrigo, Cecilia, Ezequiel, Maria.

Texto del Poema:
¿Qué pasa si te digo que NO creo en la Escuela, pero SI en la Educación?
Que quiero aprender, pero no aceptar lo que otros me imponen.

¿Qué pasa si te digo que la Escuela no es tan buena como parece?
Que desde su creación solo dice: repite, ignora y obedece.
Que fue pensada por los mismos que dominan el mundo.
Burócratas, dictadores, banqueros, y nosotros la aceptamos como muchos.

Lo que la Escuela siempre buscó fue moldear a la gente
haciéndoles creer que son libres e independientes,
pero lo único que espera de cada niño de la Tierra
es que solo produzca y consuma para sostener este sistema.

¿Qué pasa si te digo que saber no necesariamente es comprender?
Que conocimiento es importante,
pero solo absorber información nos hace más ignorantes.
Comprender es haberlo vivido y experimentado.
Saber es simplemente poder acumularlo.
La Educación sirve para crecer y desarrollarnos,
la Escuela para aprobar el examen y graduarnos como esclavos.

Aprender en libertad es poder elegir que aprendo y descubrir cómo.
La Escuela es repetir lo establecido y acallar quienes somos.
Aprender en libertad es conocerme junto a otros y descubrir la vida.
La Escuela tradicional es negar quien soy y ser lo que otros me exijan.

¿Qué pasa si te digo que la Escuela no piensa en el ser humano?
Porque somos sólo números que aprueban o repiten grados.
Donde se desecha a quien no alcanzan el promedio.
Se les castiga y excluye, haciéndoles creer que son menos.

Porque solo se dirige a un grupo homogéneo y en masa,
matando las diferencias, sueños y esperanzas.
La verdad es que todos somos genios de chiquitos,
pero la Escuela asfixia a quienes no cumplen sus requisitos.
La verdad es que realmente somos iguales,
porque todos, y absolutamente todos, somos únicos, diversos y especiales.

Educar es aprender juntos a ser humanos,
pero sin un curriculum de un ministro o un tirano.
Educar es verte al espejo, y reconocerte vivo,
mirar a los otros y encontrar lo mismo.

¿Qué pasa si te digo que el eje de la Escuela es el "deber ser"?
Mientras lo que guía a la Educación es crear y "poder ser".
¿Qué pasa si te digo que la Escuela nos enseñó a sobrevivir con miedo?
Y la Educación es realizarnos para ser plenos.


Agradecimiento a Romi